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Meguiar's Certified Detailer program

The Meguiar’s Certified Detailer Program was established so that car care enthusiasts would not have to settle for substandard detailing.

Several Detailers nationwide have been certified by Meguiar’s Pakistan. These Detailers have been trained to work with Meguiar’s Professional Detailing Range to provide high-end detailing. 

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Certified Detailers only utilize the Meguiar’s Professional Range for an immaculate detailing experience.

Certified Detailers have received extensive training on Meguiar’s Professional Detailing Range.

Certified Detailers are equipped with sophisticated tools that are necessary for high end detailing.

Certified Detailers are required to have state of the art centers, called showcase centers. These centers have all the required equipment (like correct lighting, isolated environments) to enable high end detailing.

Meguiar's Certified Detailer Image of Compound
Meguiar's Certified Detailer Image of Compound

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